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  • Flying Hanuman is a zipline adventure like no other on Phuket. It shows that the island’s beauty goes far beyond the sea, sun and sand that it is famous for. The hillsides of Phuket overflow with thick forest that is great for exploration and outdoor activities.
  • The site of Flying Hanuman stand almost exactly as it did before construction began. A wide variety of trees and small animals occupy the 80,000 square metre plot, and the natural rubber trees are harvested by locals who are still allowed to live on the hillside. A small creek runs through the land during the wet months and even the trees within Flying Hanuman’s reception area have been left untouched.
  • Flying Hanuman is an eco-adventure because it is part of the forest that surrounds it. Great care has been used to make sure the zipline adventure does not have a negative effect on the trees it uses and the species who call the area their home. It took hard work to put the course into place, but once it was done, the forest is what makes the attraction so special.

ECO Friendly
The site of Flying Hanuman stand almost exactly as it did before construction began.

Family Friendly
Flying Hanuman is an adventure for all the family.Minimum age for kids is 4 years old.

Safety Guaranteed
Our ziplines can hold multiple tonnes of force and are regularly checked for signs of wear.

Great Value
Flying Hanuman is great value for money. We also provide free transfers to and from your hotel for all online bookings.



  • A blend of safety and beauty
    All of Flying Hanuman’s platforms are made from wood and custom designed to fit each tree.
  • Industrial strength cables are used to support the platforms, for safety lines and anchors. Minimal drilling was used in construction, leaving almost all the trees exactly as they were before Flying Hanuman was setup. Most equipment is attached to the exterior of each tree and drilling was used only where necessary for safety reasons. Our platforms blend beauty, practicality and safety together.


  • Fly like Hanuman
    Our ziplines can hold multiple tonnes of force and are regularly checked for signs of wear.
  • Even though the cables are strong, care has to be taken when attaching them to each tree. Steel cables are heavy and can harm the wood, so wooden chocks are used to separate them. Multiple clamps are then added to secure the ziplines in place, making them as safe as possible.



  • Having fun while being safe.
    The equipment used by visitors to Flying Hanuman is made by the French manufacturer, Petzl, and provides the highest standards of safety and comfort. Each piece can carry over 2 tonnes and every guest has a double safety mechanism. You will not have to worry about the quality of your gear at Flying Hanuman.
  • The most important piece of equipment is your pulley. It is what allows you to zip from one platform to the next and supports your weight during flight. The safety carabiner and lanyard are also very important. These are attached to the safety lines on each platform and also act as a backup attachment when you are on the ziplines in case your pulley fails.


  • Guides at Flying Hanuman are trained professionals who specialize in activities high above groundand masters at using the equipment at their disposal. Guests are there to enjoy the experience, the guides will do everything else. Every group will have a minimum of two guides with them, even if there is only one guest. One guide will send guests from one platform to his partner guide waiting at the next platform. Even if you need to be rescued from the middle of a zipline, our guides make it fun. Guides are partnered depending on experience, so guests will always have a senior guide with them. These men are the beating heart of Flying Hanuman, who make every flight special.


Kata, Karon, Patong – Free transfer

Important Notice

  • It’s recomended that all guest wear confortable, loose fitting clothes and shoes that can be used outdoors.
  • Customers weight must not be over 120kg.
  • Children under 4 years of age not allowed.